More minor tweaks and stuff. Can't seem to be totally satisfied with this yet.


Volcano City

I've been tweaking this old one... was never really 100% happy with it. Desaturated a lot of things, changed the ocean color a little, added some haze/mist over the water, plus a bunch of other really small tweaks.


Quick Matte Painting

Here's a quick matte painting I did for fun. Well, quick by matte painting standards anyway. It's not real hi-res or anything, and a little more grainy than I would have liked. Still looks like a nice place to visit though.


Some Building

A building I built for fun in Maya, based off a building in Hong Kong. Sketched in the background cuz the black Maya render background was too boring.


Somewhere far away

Wish I was there, even though I don't know where there is.

Worst interchange in the country

The 405 near the 101 interchange. Sketched from a photo I took on the way to work.


Sketch from memory of the way west LA looks at dusk.


Some quick sketches of 747s, 'cuz I like jets.

Zep Sketch

some old sketch I found
of an outer space cruise ship. kinda based on the old zeppelins of the 20s and 30s.

Restarting this

Since I don't update my website that much, I thought I'd start up this blog again and use it to post art and stuff I'm working on.